The Police Academy Guy's Expansive Oral History of Typewriters

Illustration for article titled The iPolice Academy/i Guys Expansive Oral History of Typewriters

If you're curious what the crazy sound effects guy from the Police Academy movies has been up to lately, here's your answer: narrating—if that's the right word—115 years of typewriter history with, well, crazy sound effects.

The History of the Typewriter Recited by Michael Winslow, a 21-minute film by Ignacio Uriarte, is pretty epic in scope. But how do we know the noises Winslow's making actually match up with the typewriters they're supposed to? Ladies and gentlemen, I offer into evidence Exhibit A:

[Vimeo via The Daily What]

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I see the light. It burns!

Saw this guy live, he's amazing. Did a Jimmy Hendrix concert with his mouth!