The President of the United States Owns 3,643 Websites Including

Photo: Getty/Gizmodo
Photo: Getty/Gizmodo

Over the years, the Trump Organization has invested in thousands of domain names for potential business ventures, future campaigns, and often, simply as an attempt to stay one step ahead of the haters.,,, and are part of the president’s vast portfolio.


A CNN Money investigation published Sunday notes he purchased 93 domain names after he started his presidential campaign. In what seems like a dark premonition, he owns and In 2009, months ahead of licensing his name to a multilevel marketing business, the quasi-legal cousin of the pyramid scheme, called Trump Network, he bought up,, and In 2015, Business Insider published a similar investigation, noting the now president also has, (across all sides of the aisle, let’s agree this is a stretch), and in his portfolio.

Trump still owns domain names from failed business ventures, like (his vodka was discontinued because nobody bought it), (he failed to produce a successful Broadway show), and (according to Trump himself, NBC “went totally crazy” when he asked to put OJ Simpson on The Apprentice).

It’s 2017 and the President of the United States also owns the following URLs:

Funnily enough, he didn’t have the foresight to buy up

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“The President of the United States Owns 3,643 Websites Including”

Nope. Clickbait.

He owns that many domains but it does not mean he owns that many sites. Most are not used for anything.

Speaking as someone who owns a few dozen sites, I really don’t see the story here.