There are sales, and there are $ALE$. This is the latter. Today and tomorrow only, you can get a retina MacBook Pro—13-inch or 15-inch, two configurations each—for $200 off at Best Buy. Have a valid .edu email address? Make that $300. And that's just for starters.

The deal, part of Best Buy's two-day Black Friday in July sale, isn't the first time you've been able to get a couple hundred off of a retina MacBook Pro. But it might be the first time you've been able to pair that deal with the additional $100 back-to-school discount, and it's almost certainly the first time you've been able to throw in one last $25 off if you're an American Express cardholder using this promotion.


What's the bottom line? You can get a 13-inch retina MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM and a 128GB SSD for $1,175. That's nearly $100 less than an equivalent refurbished model direct from Apple. Alternatively, you can get a tricked out 15-inch retina MBP, with 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD, for $2,475, down from $2,800.

It's an incredible deal to start with, and extra incredible if you're a student, with a dash of double extra incredible if you use Amex Sync. Happy shopping. And while you're at it, go ahead and pick up a $100 iTunes gift card for $85 bucks. Cheap MBP and free money. Not a bad way to start your Friday. [Best Buy]