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The Rifle From The Mandalorian Is a Blast From Star Wars' Silliest Past

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Now where, where have I seen that before?

Last night on Instagram, Jon Favreau, executive producer and writer on The Mandalorian, the upcoming Star Wars live-action television show, posted a sneak peek on his Instagram, one that offers a look into the production while, for a certain type of fan, proving very, very familiar.


That, friends, is known (according to Wookieepedia, and this is almost certainly non-canon information at this point) an Amban phase-pulse blaster, a neat medium-range weapon with a forked prod thing at the end. And, based on the promotional image we already have, this might be the primary weapon of the show’s mysterious star.

If you feel like you’ve probably seen it before, you have. It was in the Star Wars Holiday Special. Specifically, it was in the animated segment, “The Story of the Faithful Wookiee”, which starred Boba Fett in a delightfully off-color costume. Here’s the way the weapon looked in 1978:


The off-color Boba Fett is a delightful and well-remembered bit of Star Wars ephemera, so it’s good to see that his (pretty cool) gun is going to be making its way into the new canon. Now, how about those musical numbers...