The Self-Powered Self-Balancing Skateboard, for Lazy Ass Tony Hawks

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The Segway is probably never going to change the world the way Dean Kamen had hoped, but at the least it encouraged humanity to dare to dream of a world where we'd never have to balance ourselves ever again. And keeping that dream alive and well is the S-Walker Board. It's like you tossed a skateboard, a balance board, and a Segway into a blender; and the results are a rideable two-wheeled deck that's anything but extreme.

Powered by a pair of 250 watt motors, the S-Walker Board's rechargeable battery will keep it running for a little over 12 miles depending on the terrain and the rider. And while most folks can expect to cruise along at around four mph, its creators claim a skilled rider could reach more than six.


So you probably won't be doing any awesome stunts on one, but with a price tag close to $930 you're not going to want to risk damaging it anyways. [S-Walker via Gizmag]