The Snyder Cut's New Justice League Scenes Film in October, and Ray Fisher Will Be There [Updated]

Ray Fisher during happier times, Comic-Con 2017.
Ray Fisher during happier times, Comic-Con 2017.
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Don’t worry. Cyborg won’t be abandoning his fellow heroes, no matter what he’s dealing with.


Next month, director Zack Snyder will begin filming scenes for his four-part “Snyder Cut” of Justice League, set to debut on HBO Max next year. Back for the reshoot will be, reportedly, Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and none other than Ray Fisher as Cyborg. (The report didn’t mention Ezra Miller’s Flash or Jason Momoa’s Aquaman.)

Per the Hollywood Reporter, which broke the news, Fisher will return and shoot for about a week to help Snyder complete his vision. This is significant because the actor is in a very public dispute with the company paying for the film, Warner Bros., over claims of negligence and abuse on the set of Justice League once director Joss Whedon took over. The whole situation—from Snyder’s exit to Whedon’s entrance, all the way through the “Snyder Cut,” as well as Fisher and the company’s dispute—is more complex than a plot with Motherboxes, time portals, and Darkseid. You can read more about each step of it at these links.

According to reports from the Wrap, the situation heated up when Warner Bros. offered Fisher a role in the upcoming Flash movie, something he already had options for in his contracts. In earlier versions of that movie, Cyborg was rumored to almost be the second lead. However, in the latest version, it was basically a cameo. He reportedly took that as an insult and began to call the company out on its practices. THR’s report from today adds “Sources say the studio exercised its option for Flash, even upping its negotiated price for what’s described as a three-scene appearance. Fisher’s side countered with a figure doubling that. Warners turned that down, and negotiations have remained stalled for weeks.”

Earlier in the week, Fisher wrote “Progress! Accountability>Entertainment” on Twitter as he linked a more general report from THR about WarnerMedia hiring a third party to review its production side. With the actor returning to help Snyder despite his problems with the company, that says a lot about his loyalty and trust in the director. And who knows? Maybe it’s the first step in some kind of resolution.

The “Snyder Cut” of Justice League will be on HBO Max later in 2021.

Update 9/24/2020, 4:34 p.m. ET: According to a new interview with Collider, Henry Cavill says he’s NOT filming anything new for the Snyder Cut. Listen to his explanation below.

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Wait until he finds out that Snyder is bringing him back only to kill Cyborg on screen “as a fun Easter egg for all the fans.”