The Starship Enterprise's Universal Remote

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The Cyclops universal remote would fit in so well in someone's Star Fleet quarters, I'm surprised it doesn't have a replicator button on it. Fortunately, you won't have to wait for the far-flung future to own one.


The Cyclops, from GenosTV, is a wireless universal remote that's meant to be ergonomically superior for two-handed use. One version will be designed for all consumer electronics, while apparently there will be another that's geared more specifically towards gaming systems. They'll also incorporate Bluetooth, meaning you can use this bad boy to send text messages as well.

As for what star date you'll be able to have one of your own: there's no official word yet, but apparently the Cyclops is "ready to go to manufacturing" and should be available in time for the holidays this year. Presumably the instruction manual tells you how to set it to stun. [Digital Trends]



If it had a slim little numeric control that slides inside of it, I'd like it. Because sometimes, you just want to flip the channel real quick or turn the volume up or down, while you're on your laptop. And I like to just grab the remote with one hand and do this. I don't want to have to pick up my remote with two hands every time the tv gets a little too loud...