This Age of Ultron mashup just makes me miss Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Another day, another delightful mashup for the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer - we've got another 6 months of this before the movie's out! However, this one is all the more mournful thanks to it using footage from the dearly missed Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon. God, I miss EMH.

The trailer mashup comes courtesy of the youtubers at Smart Aleck Comedy, and it's pretty well done - it even gives time over to Wasp, who was on the Avenger's team in the show but unfortunately has yet to show up in the MCU. But instead of how well put together it was, all it made me think was about how great Earth's Mightiest Heroes was (for those unaware, it was cancelled after two seasons and replaced with a more-MCU-friendly show called Avengers Assemble).

Oh, EMH. You died so that a less interesting cartoon might live.

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As far as cartoon adaptations of comics, Earth's Mightiest Heroes was up there with Batman: TAS for me. It really is too bad it didn't last longer.