The TomTom Price Slashes Continue: Full iPhone Navigation App Hits $70

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TomTom decided last week to offer a US-only version of their iPhone turn-by-turn app for half the price of the full North American version, which made a lot of Americans happy. And Canadians, too! See, by leaving the price of the combined Canada+America navigation app at $100, TomTom wasn't penalizing Canadians by stranding them with prohibitively expensive navigation options, it was validating their worth. Congratulations, Canada! Maps of you are expensive!

Or at least they were: Today, TomTom has lopped $30 clean off their original app's high (and increasingly high-seeming) price, bringing the price for the combined North American app down to $70. So actually no congratulations, Canada! Your TomTom still costs more than ours, and your maps are worth less. At least, until the end of the holiday season, when the prices of both apps should buoy back up to where they were before. This per-country pricing scheme is fascinating. [TomTom]