The Umbrella Academy Gets an Appropriately Nerdy Tribute Song

A bunch of nerdcore rap artists teamed up to play the Hargreeves from Netflix's hit show.

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Umbrella Academy cast members dance in a scene from the Netflix series.
My thoughts exactly!
Photo: Netflix

It’s time for a midweek dance party—don’t forget your umbrella! A group of nerdcore rap artists have teamed up to pay Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy its musical due, highlighting some of the biggest moments of the series (so far) while getting us amped up for season three.

LEX the Lexicon Artist unveiled a music video for “The Umbrella Academy Cypher,” where they and seven other nerdcore artists embody the Hargreeves from Netflix’s superhero saga. LEX takes on the role of Vanya, played in the series by Elliot Page, alongside artists Beefy as Luther, Crossover as Diego, Prowess the Testament as Allison, Schaffer the Darklord as Klaus, Freeced as Five, Super Smack as Ben, and MC Frontalot as Reginald. You can watch the music video below, in which the artists do their thing alongside key moments from the series. I think my favorite verse is Reginald’s, mostly because I love listening to a curmudgeonly old dude get annoyed at things.

The Umbrella Academy’s second season debuted last summer. While it was a bit of a mixed bag, largely because it stayed in the 1960s for so damn long, the season ended on that fantastic “Sparrow Academy” cliffhanger that’s bound to mean big things for the future of the show. Unfortunately, even though the show was renewed for season three all the way back in January, it’s going to be a little while before we see the return of the series. Star Tom Hopper, who plays Luther, previously shared that filming season three was delayed because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Hollywood is opening back up but no word on how long it’ll take to see the Hargreeves again. The first two seasons of The Umbrella Academy are available to watch on Netflix.


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