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HP R927 Camera Adds Slimming Effect, Makes Girlfriend Happy
This could be the dumbest feature ever :-)


What's hair replacements? Plastic surgery FX? Cellulite removal filters ? about a "trophy partner" that is always standing next to you in the photos?

Crap...still got another 20 minutes on the stair machine...hmmm, the slimming camera is not such a bad idea after all....
by RainyDayMagazine


XP Gaming on a Mac (Verdict: ZOMG It Works!)
I was a platform fence-sitter. I am no longer.

Good bye, sweet PC, it is time for me to find a better life with my new lover, the iMac. While I will always treasure our BSODs, emergency antivirus boot disks, and how you always took the time out of your day to spend half an hour booting up, I am leaving you. Know that it wasn't your fault; it was Jobs.
by Gadget Guy

Parlee Z3S1 Custom Bike Makes Others Look Like Lead Balloons
The CostCo bike, made of two-inch-thick cast iron tubing spot-welded together in Romania by a sweaty, alcoholic ex-Communist, would weigh in at a quarter-ton and would totally kick this bike's scrawny ass in a wrestling match. However, this bike is so swift, the CostCo bike would never, ever catch it.
by airship


EDrive Systems Testing Plug-In Prius Hybrid
A few comments on the comments:


1. If you live anywhere that gets most of the electricity from hydro-electric, wind, solar, or nuclear - then a plug in automobile is the best option for the environment. Frankly, the best way to address the environmental issue is if we all were driving fully electric automobiles. But, the primary issues there are distance, top speed, and vehicle weight. Still, it is the direction this is going.

2. The battery argument on hybrids is NOT an issue. Studies now conclusively show that the batteries in the hybrid vehicles will last the life of the vehicle (despite their 6 year guarantee). In addition, the type of batteries being used are highly sought-after for recycling. So, all this talk about how the batteries in these vehicles being huge environmental disasters is, essentialy, baloney. At the very least, they are no more of an issue to the environment than any other vehicle.


3. Yes, hybrids are a step in the right direction, but ultimately not the final outcome. Ultimately we need to be driving zero emissions vehicles. However, focus on automobiles only is a mistake since airline travel is, mile per emissions, more dangerous to the environment than automobile travel. We need to reduce airline travel, and find other transportation means if we are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Stepping down from the silly soap box now.
by Monty

Playstation 3 going to be over $600
There are three kinds of people in this world. Those who can count, and those who can't.


Taking the estimated European launch price of the PS3 (read: inaccurate) and converting it to American dollars (read: highly inaccurate) to determine what we will pay at launch (read: not accurate in the slightest) is good for comedy, but not particularly useful.


You know what the launch price of the PS3 will be in the United States? Neither does Sony, but we will all find out when it launches. The most accurate guess is: About the same price as an Xbox 360.
by Monty

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