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Sunglasses That Let You Look Behind You
Had them in high school almost 20 years ago. A friend got baked and rode a motorcycle with them, thought he was riding backwards in time.
The Brain


Sony to Ship 50GB Blu-ray Blanks in June
You could set up a full RAID for less than the price of a burner and a few discs.

The format that wins the war will be the first format that is cracked, allowing for HD movies to be copied to the hard drive, recompressed and distributed over the Internet.
by Kamalot

MicroNav 360: World's Tiniest Mouse
I'd like one of these that I could stick up my nose, and move the cursor on-screen by flairing my nostrils in different directions. It would be great, except for webcam conferences....
by Cardinal Fang

Trapped Miners Entertained by iPods
Yeah, the poor blokes have been down there for a while. They asked for saturday's paper too. The guys up the top said "but its Tuesday..." and they replied with "We want to look for a new job".
by sam_i_am


Bitching About XBox Gets You an XBox
"Szarek's third machine lasted 61 days, until April 23. As he was about to play Rumble Roses XX, the machine flashed the red lights again."


Gee, I wonder why the 360 broke down that time?

Can't. Compute. Boobs. Too...Much...Bouncing!
by clever epithet

How To Cool Your MacBook Pro Down (And Void Your Warranty)
Actually, thermal grease should be applied in a very thin, almost invisible layer, otherwise the result is worse than without grease (it's partially an insulator).


The reason is that thermal grease is used to fill in the minute pits on the otherwise smooth surfaces of the heatsink and CPU/GPU/etc (even if it's perfectly smooth, it still has pits and "mountains"). That's why mechanical parts that rub together need grease or oil to keep them from wearing out prematurely.


The problem with grease is that the more you have, the more it forms a thermal barrier (as it has lower conductivity than the heatsink), so too thick a layer is like putting an insulator inbetween the heatsink and CPU. Thus you want a very thin, almost imperceptible amount of grease (you need a bit to fit into the pits on the heatsink side), but it comes out to be "less is more". You can dab a bit on, then use a flat edge to smooth it out and remove most of it.
by Worf

USB Hot Plate With 4-Port Hub
Connect this to your USB fridge, yor USB personal fan, your USB foot warmer, your USB scented oil candle thingy and you just might become that guy that pees in a jar so he doesnt have to leave his desk. hhhhmmmm.....
by djdaddy