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Nike + Apple = iPod Sport Kit
But will it use foul language, yell at me and stink. Until then, coaches are safe.
It's just cheaper to teach coaches the lyrics to your favorite songs. They can yell them at you through the megaphone.


I wonder if Apple will provide this technology for child laborers, perhaps in gloves that the children can wear at Nike plants. Why give them a break if they haven't burnt enough calories.
by DeadWriter

Unboxing - Unwrapping New Gear
it's like porn... sexy, techno-porn.
by Exor


Matt Haughey MacSaber Video
Finally, we know what the "next great thing" really is. Apple's strategy to get users to drop their brand new laptops is BRILLIANT!

"MacSaber? Yeah, no, that's not covered."
by BWGunner

Cozy Tunes Speaker Pillow
New, from the makers of cozy tunes:
Porcelian Throne Tunes!
your shit will be bumping!
by kennedy


Apple Store Panorama
On May 19th,
Apple Computer will introduce
Apple Store Fifth Avenue
And you'll see why 2006
won't be like "2006"
by KJA


Man Stuff - The Best Of Uncrate
Call me paranoid, but the gas powered remote control speedboat looks like it would be a high risk potential torpedo.
by ThisOldMan


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