Yoda Backpack
I can just hear Master Yoda saying, "Babe magnet think you? Babe repellant, find you out!"
by Cardinal Fang

Sony Reader Gets Delayed Again
"Much like my ex-girlfriends, those promises got broken pretty quickly..."


- You broke your ex-girlfriend? What, did she deflate or something?
by mathew
Wait, his ex-girlfriends were "broken pretty quickly"?



Good job!!!
by ernster

Diamond Pacifier: OMG
How could they not have called this a 'Blingkey'??
by jonny


PhotogenicMasks: Become A Convincing Girl Quickly And Easily
Anybody else find the imagery in this ad a little f'd up? I mean, other then the fact that these are life-like masks for "anybody who wants to be a girl" ... they had to add a knife stabbing a flower and a mask of an 11 year old girl.
by Terp4Life


Motorola RAZR II (Canary) Pics Surface
Hmmm, I almost think it's a step back, design-wise. The RAZR has very "tech" look to it, and this new one, to me, has more of a "luxury" vibe. I like my phones angular, not curvy. But that's just my opinion (the opinion of a guy who would probably never buy a Motorola phone no matter how cool it looked). That shiny finish will start looking like ass after a bit of wear-and-tear.

And I see that now BengalBoy's not even bothering to have his hot-if-I-was-really-drunk models pose with the phones... He's getting guys to hold them? I see a spin-of site in his future, featuring "hot" (well, naked) Jamaican dudes holding pink RAZRs and such.
by billpendry


Toshiba RFID Printers
I work for a large University Library sytem here in florida. Im currently trying to switch from our current tattle-tape magnetic strip/barcode sytem to a system utilizing the benefits of RFID. If this were decently affordable I could see the implimentation of such a system almost immediately.
by dirac