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Worst. Laser. Etching. Ever.
Hey, would it be funny to have goatse laser etched on your MacBook Pro with the apple centred right in the...

no thats disgusting. you guys are off.
by sam_i_am

Talking Urinal, Let the Insults Fly
Permission to rant, please. Who designs these plastic things that fit inside urinals, women? Why not use a fine stainless steel mesh (lifted off the surface) that actually absorbs the stream. These #@%&* things cause the pee to ricochet in every direction.
And there's more Don't design urinals that have corners or flat surfaces. They should be round in the interior. And why not design a urinal that's small, unobtrusive, and classy enough for the home? Think of the water savings, the cleanliness, the seat staying in one position. Cleanliness, because the pee hitting stationary water from a few feet above causes a lot of splash, enough to feel on your legs when you wear shorts.
(My excuse for the careful thought on the subject is a background in precision fountains. And thanks for letting me rant.)
by William


iPAQ USB Music Dock
Hey, use pPod and you'll have a neat iPod workalike!


Bottom Reformulator Cushion: Do the Math
so your saying the left isn't a before picture? :P
by greysky


iPod Watch Concept: Please Go Into Production
FINALLY, someone has been so smart as to combine the two things in my life that scratch the easiest. my watch and my ipod. glorious.
by rizzamus

Samsung SyncMaster CX930B LCD Display
Thats a 19" Monitor? What is that model like 3 feet tall?
by earthling


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