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Motorola Q: A Deal at $75, on

Just a quick heads up - if you're using this phone for business, forget it. It's not nearly as robust as the Palm Treo. This phone has gotten passed around my company more times than (insert your own sister joke here). No one seems to like it. The worst part is that they released it without the Security and Features update pack, so it doesn't use Push technology.

by agrajag42

Oakley O-ROKR Video Review (Verdict: Bloody Dorky)

wow, 200 lbs really does make a pretty woman ugly.

by gman


i just saw some guy wearing these yesterday. he was bald. and with those on, he almost looked like he was the future. except he was wearing a white tanktop, blue basketball shorts, and was carrying a "Cheesecake Factory" bag.

maybe that's the uniform of the future...with Cheesecake Factory being the source of food in the future.

by tr

New Standard Keyboard NSK535S: It Doesn't Need No Stinking QWERTY

Actually, the *practical* reason for QWERTY was by putting common letter pairs on opposite hands, the physical type would be separated.


The reason typewriters jammed was because type ended up sticking together. Someone noted that this happens most when the type were close together on the type bar. so if the "T" and "H" type were right beside each other, typing "the" would jam because the T would be returning while the H would be heading to the paper. Given how close they were together, there was a very good chance they'd hit in the middle and jam.

By alternating hands, the type was spaced out more, so T and H would be further apart, lessening the chance that they'd meet (and thus jam).


Ironically, it also makes QWERTY somewhat faster because you alternate hands a bit - you can often mentally queue up the finger movements to hit the right keys so that after you type one letter, the next one can be typed immediately. Compare how fast you type words with different letters versus words with lots of repeated letters (try Mississippi... a nasty how-fast-can-you-type program will insert lots of words that are like that...).

I don't know where this Dvorak is faster myth got started (probably someone heard it and told their typing class... because all typing classes perpetuate it to this day). The only known studies that definitely show Dvorak being faster where studies done by Dvorak himself.


And yes, a typist will be fast no matter what the layout once they're used to the layout.

by Worf

MyKey 2300 RFID Door Lock

It is definitely more secure than what's on most of our doors right now ...especially if "bump key" becomes common knowledge.


by RainyDayInterns


HD DVD and Blu-ray Compared Using Identical Source Material

Bob, if you think HD-DVD is a more consurable name, you have obviously never my mother. She uses HDTV, LCD, and DVD all completely interchangably. I swear it's true. It actually makes talking to her kind of difficult. CD is pretty much the only media-based acronym I can't immediately recall her screwing up.

In any case, my point is that my mother is a consumer. In fact, she's more than likely indicative of most consumers. She buys stuff because it's shiny - not because she read a review somewhere about codec superiority. And, as we learned yesterday, women are buying more and more electronics. Then again, my father, who WORKS IN TELEVISION, still called me for advice before he bought a television for himself because he knew I would know what everything meant.

So, with all that in mind, I think Blu-ray stands a much better chance of winning over the average consumer; it has an actual name instead of more alphabet soup.

by jeffj-nj


Work Friendly: Make Any Site SFW (Safe For Work)

Saw this on Digg. Cool app.

As a chick I have no problem with the babes here on the Giz. For some reason it bothers the guys I work with so this is a good option.

by mighty_squid


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