The Week's Best iPhone Apps

Kaleidacam: Kaleidacam turns your iPhone into the looking glass of a kaleidoscope. So when you point your iPhone at the world around you, you'll see trippy artsy, shapely images you wouldn't expect to find. Kinda like if you were on drugs. There's 6 different kaleidoscope modes and you can save pictures to your camera roll too. $1


Photofon: Love Twitpics (or Lockerz now or whatever?) but hate having to open them individually every time you see one pop up in your overstuffed Twitter timeline? Check them all out at once, Instagram-style, with Photofon for iOS. Just pop in your login credentials and it'll show you all the photos linked in your Twitter timeline. No more links! No more waiting! Never miss another shot of someone's lunch again! Though maybe that's an argument against trying it out. In any case, it's free.

Talk-o-meter: Quit harboring suspicions that your motormouth friend talks at you and not with you, and put them to the test once and for all, using the Talk-o-Meter app. It tells you who dominates a conversation, for $5.

Advertisement turns your photos into impressionist art using colored text, with your choice of font. The app is pleasantly simple. You just load an image into the app and select your character set, font and color settings, a background and a filter, and your image is bludgeoned with Claude Monet's typewriter ribbon. You also choose which letters are used in the image, letting you add a touch of subliminal impression on top of the art style. $1


BevConX: The app, BevConX, lets you input the drink you just opened with the bottle opener, with the time and location also recorded. You even have the option of updating your Twitter or Facebook friends with the fact you just opened a cold brewski. Of course, not all your drinks consumed will come in a bottle-nor be opened by your fair hands-but for any serious drinker, that blind eye being turned by the app is probably for your own good.


Auto Corrector: There's few things more maddening than typing something correctly on the iPhone and then having it 'auto correct' you into something completely different. Auto Corrector for iPhone is an app that lets you easily add words to your custom dictionary so your iPhone won't turn 'fuck' into duck anymore.


Dreams of Burma: Most of us won't ever travel to Southeast Asia, but we can still get a taste of the intrigue with the Dreams of Burma app. The iOS app is a joint project between Fotopedia and National Geographic. It includes more than 1,000 photos that capture the landscape, people and archaeological treasures of the country. The app is organized into trips with interactive maps so you can travel through different parts of the country. Free

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