The World’s First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun Fires Its First Shot

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Just days after revealing that he was working on a 100-per-cent 3D-printed weapon, Cody Wilson appears to have successfully test-fired the Liberator pistol, a gun made entirely out of plastic. Great.


The Liberator is a fairly wonky-looking pistol, constructed entirely out of plastic — the only metal working component is the firing pin, which is a repurposed nail. It appears to fire .22 rimfire rounds, which are very small but still quite lethal when fired into a squishy human being.

Although the Liberator hasn’t exactly been stress-tested yet — Wilson only fired one round between the cut-shots of WWII era bombers — it does appear to work, which essentially means that yes, 3D-printed guns, are now a reality. But hey, according to Mr Wilson: “Yeah, they might be used [to kill people], but that’s not a reason not to make them”. And if one law student says so, there’s no reason to be worried, right? [Defence Distributed via BBC]


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