You can keep your super-tall towers: How about the physical challenge of building the world’s most slender instead? That’s what engineers have done in Brighton, UK, with the i360 tower.

The new construction—a sea-front observation tower—is just less than 13 feet in diameter yet 531 feet tall. It’s just be crowned the “most slender tower” by Guinness World Records, reports the BBC. That’s a height-to-width aspect ratio of 41.15-to-one, by the way.

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The tower, due to open later this year, will carry a 94-tonne pod capable of carrying 200 people up and down its slender frame. But that, according to John Roberts, chief engineer on the project, wasn’t the main design constraint.

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“The tower is all about one thing - making it stand up safely in extremely strong winds,” he told the BBC. Wind speeds on Brighton—which is situated on the south coast of the UK—experiences wind speeds of 75mph. Fortunately, the tower’s designed to withstand winds of over 100mph.


Top image by BA. embedded images by Getty