These 22-yo Women Found Hidden Cameras Spying All Over Their Apartment

These two 22-year-old Bulgarian women found cameras all around their rented house in Tampa, Florida, hidden in smoke a motion detectors inside their bathroom and bedrooms. They were in fact all over the house.


22-year-old Vanya Samokovareva and 23-year-old Ralitsa Dzhambazova came to the United States for the summer under a work abroad program. They were living in their Westchase area apartment for two months before making the discovery. Talking to Tampa TV station Baynews 9, Vanya said that at first they thought they were just smoke detectors. Except there were cables coming out of them and into the carpet.

For some reason, they decided to follow the cables to a locked closet a few days ago. After breaking the lock, they found a closed circuit TV box connected to a wireless router. They didn't say why they waited so long to check those cables out or why they did it now, but apparently they called the police, who are now investigating the case. Poor little Vanya is shocked—I would be shocked too—and she can't understand why anyone would do this:

You are in the bathroom, you take a shower, you make everything. This is absurd that there's a camera, this is the idea to show us naked... to show what we make in the bathroom?

I'm not so shocked about that, though. But Ralitsa can't understand why anyone would want to watch them naked and "making everything" either:

This is terrible. I never expect that this thing can happen to me or my friend. We just came here to spend one summer in the United States, to work here. Where the people watch us? What they watch? Because this is your private room.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is on the case. Obviously, the landlord and the apartment manager "could not comment" on the story. I'm sure the judge will make them make some comments about it pretty soon. [Tampa Bay]


MAKE2 Mifune

Maybe i'm just a racist sexist, but their mannerisms are off and reasons for being the country seem suspect to me... 'Come to America over a summer to study English and work'? What kind of job requires two young immigrant Bulgarian women for a few months, and how is such a short stint beneficial?

Maybe the landlord was part of the sex slave trade and the business that helped get them into the country was going to conveniently lose their passports, and the cameras were for monitoring them? Or maybe they are trying to extort the landlord? Or the landlord is simply a dumb pervert who, while having the technical skill to install a semi complex clandestine CCTV system, does not know about the internet (for porn) or concealing wires?

Nothing seems right about it. I'm not surprised this is in Florida.