Before the hi-def graphics of modern consoles, there was the Nintendo Entertainment System—a world steeped in glorious 8-bit imagery. These GIFs by New York-based Brother Brain (aka John McGregor) show how the in-game art compared with real world photos. And somehow, the 8-bit versions are still way more fun.

Jaws (NES) LJN 1987 vs Jaws (Theatrical Poster) Universal Pictures 1975

The Terminator (NES) Bethesda 1992 vs The Terminator (Theatrical Poster) Orion 1984


I'm partial to Jaws, but these are all pretty great, check out a few more below. McGregor's tumblr is definitely one to follow if you're digging this series—he uploads new GIF-y goodies every day. [Visual News]

Predator (NES) Activision 1989 vs Predator (Film) 20th Century Fox 1987

Magic Johnson's Fast Break (NES) Tradewest 1989 vs Promotional Photo

Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure (NES) LJN 1991 vs Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (Theatrical Poster) Orion Pictures 1989

Mad Max (NES) Mindscape 1990 vs Mad Max 2 (Film) Warner Bros. 1981

Lead image: Batman (NES) Sunsoft 1989 vs Batman (Film) Warner Bros. 1989