So, you think you know Manhattan and New York City, do you? Well, multimedia artist Peter Wegner is about to show you a completely unexpected side of your city. His series, Buildings Made Of Sky, turns you upside down to show you the hidden "skyscrapers" all around you.

Wegner, who was born in South Dakota and lives in Berkeley, takes photos that guide you through the valleys of Manhattan, creating an amazing "negative architecture" of sorts by silhouetting buildings against the heavens—a real Sky City. Here's how he explains the project in his own words:

Between the buildings of a city, another city. It's the invisibile city, the one no one built. In this city, the buildings are made not of brick or steel, but of sky.

Seen all together, these photos might make you wonder what life unattainable, ethereal city—which exists only in the viewer's mind—is like.


All photos are republished here with the photographer's permission. Image credit: Peter Wegner. View Wegner's recent talk at TEDx in NYC.