"Behind the Edge" is an eye-popping series by photographer Luigui Bonaventura, who shoots the brightly-hued balconies of hotels in Jesolo Beach, a small coastal town outside of Venice, Italy. The pastel facades look like meticulously arranged boxes of salt water taffy.

The colors and symmetry verge on delicious. Bonaventura says the point of the project is to make people look at these buildings from a different perspective:

The real mission is to show each structure as its Platonic ideal: that is, as the architect imagined it, not as it all too often looks in real life and mixing color encourage your own imagination around the picture.

These hotels are a far cry from the rundown, retro motels that dot most beachfronts. The upkeep must be a full-time job—but as these cotton candy-colored images attest, it's worth it to keep the awnings, porches, and windows looking good enough to eat. [Luigi Bonaventura via DesignTaxi]