Acoustic panels, however cool looking, are usually designed to remain out of sight. But a new company called Baux is changing that with a series of functional geometric tiles that do double duty as a pretty brilliant wall decoration.

Baux is made up of a quintet of Scando design dudes (also of Form Us With Love), and Traüllit is their clever first collection. Each modular piece is made of spruce "wood wool"—basically a mass of super slim slivers—bound together with a thin coat of cement. When laid out together, they absorb sound and act as insulation, helping to regulate heat and moisture (which, in turn, just might lower your energy bill).

Another bonus: The material mash-up is naturally resistant to mold and rot. And I can't get over these colors and patterns, and how many different cool combos you could come up with.


The series is produced in a half-century-old, family-run factory in Östergötland, Sweden.

This vid doesn't have too much info, but it's damn charming—so here ya go:

Baux isn't the first to tackle attractive acoustic panels: Offecct, another Swedish company, also makes some really nice ones. And Anne Kyyrö Quinn does lovely stuff with felt, too. But it's great to see consideration for all aspects of the construction process, blurring the lines between building essentials and subtle—or not so subtle—decorative touches. [Baux]