These RHA Earphones Are Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

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Everyone needs a pair of cheap, no-frills earbuds to kick around. Stick 'em in a drawer, or your glove compartment, or your daily bag and they'll save your butt when you need to listen to sound coming out of a 3.5mm jack. While there are a ton of super-cheap, under-$20 earbuds on the market, there aren't many that aspire to produce great sound. In this price range, RHA's MA-150 compares favorably to, say, Skullcandy buds, because RHA is an audio — not a fashion — company.

Although the MA-150 is a new product, there are already a few reviews, and for the most part they're good. The most thorough review was done by Jamie Lendino at PCMag, which awarded these buds their Editor's Choice for low-cost earphones. Matt Tinsley at TUAW was impressed, expressing, "Though they are budget earphones, no corners have been cut. These are minimalist earphones, but they don't feel cheap or tacky, just good value for money with fantastic sound quality." Roy Furchgott on the New Yok Times Gadgetwise Blog wrote, "the sound remains very good, although not quite as good as I recalled the MA350's as being," although he noted that in comparison to RHA's higher end earphones, they use lower quality materials.

These earbuds are usually $20, but RHA sent over the code GIZRHA25 which knocks it down to $15 a pair. Maybe it's a good time to stock up. [Amazon]


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