This weekend on Pier 36, tens of thousands of cyclists descended on Bike Expo New York, the most popular consumer bike expo in the country. Sandwiched on the edge of the city between the Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges, the show draws some 50,000 people to ogle the latest bike trends and tech—we were there to check it out.

Of course, the day begins with securing your own ride: When you arrive, a bike valet service places your beloved steed safe out of harm's reach. It's just like a conventional valet—fill out a paper with your contact info and get a tag for your bike.

Then, the valet takes your bike and tucks it safely away for you to retrieve later.

Of course, valets have been around forever—but I've never used one before, so I was a tad nervous to see my Superb go into someone else's care. I got it back later and it was fine—kudos to Transportation Alternatives.

Inside, more than a hundred companies are all jockeying for the attention of attendees. That includes the big brands you know and love–Specialized, Kryptonite, Bell, and Giro, for example—as well as smaller, start-up outfits.

A line was formed at the end of the Expo for people picking up their Five Boroughs Bike Tour packets. The tour happens the Sunday following the Expo and takes riders through, you guessed it, all five NYC boroughs. It's a race everyone should try at least once.

Some booths had failed Kickstarter dreams. For example: the Cleverhood was very tempting at its "special price," but I don't think it was quite my style.

And of course, there were the bikes. Like this speedy looking thing from SPCARBON. I've got no idea how it rides, but it sure looks cool.

On the way out, a BMX track was set up for some entertainment. I caught them while they were on lunch break.

You may have missed it this year, but be sure to check it out next spring. It's a great event for local cyclists–simply for the sake of seeing how many other riders there are in the city.