If This Product is Real, We've Passed Peak Vibrator

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Someone please tell me this is a hoax. Announced yesterday with a tweet, the IziVibe claims to be a vibrating dildo you attach to your phone.


But it makes no sense– a phone’s motor can’t possibly be powerful enough to wiggle that big hunk of silicone in any significant, pleasure-inducing way.

And it’s run off an app? How the hell is that supposed to work? If your phone is between your legs, how are you changing the settings? You’re going to need either a mirror or some serious contortionist powers.

We’ve reached out to the company with some questions, and will let you know how they explain themselves.

Back in the day, we didn’t need phones to have orgasms. Maybe we have passed peak vibrator.

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I cannot imagine the suffering of cellphone support guys when these come in for service and repair. It’s bad enough to get the phone with all the porn in memory, but . . . secretions?