HTC is thirsty for your dollars. To that end they’ve announced a new phone, the HTC 10, and despite looking like a rip off of all the other phones out there, it actually has a new idea packed into its glass and shiny metal chassis.

The Taiwanese technology company is a business, so it’s a given that it wants money, but it’s how HTC is pursuing that business that is wildly entertaining. While other companies dipped their toes into VR with a cellphone accessory that happens to be a headset, HTC built an entire damn VR system that might be better than the more popular Oculus Rift. And while other companies have gone out of their ways to set themselves apart from the iPhone, HTC has launched itself into the Apple world as much as a company can without, you know, being Apple.

The HTC 10, like the M9, M8, M7, and Metc before it, looks a lot like an iPhone. It’s got that curved glass and shiny metal bevel and, in a first for an Android phone, the device has Airplay. That allows it to stream to the Apple TV, and that means the HTC 10 the only Android phone that can stream to every major streamer available.

That willingness to be there for everyone was very apparent during the HTC press event. Darren Sng, an HTC engineer specifically mentioned the variety of competing protocols that have fractured the NFC payment industry. Sng told Gizmodo, “You don’t want credit card companies to tell you what to put in your wallet, so we don’t see any reason why we as a company shouldn’t be open to adopting Samsung Pay if need be.”


While Samsung works very hard to compete with Apple on the same level and LG rolls off into a corner to try innovative gimmicks, HTC is standing there right in front of you, a glossy smile on its lips, and a hungry look in its eyes. The company wants to succeed, and it will do whatever that takes to do it.

How well that eagerness to please plays out will be decided in the coming days. That’s when we stop talking about what HTC wants to do with their phone and start talking about what they’ve done. Look for our HTC 10 review later this week.

Pre-orders start today, April 12, with an expected ship date of early May. The phone will rock the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor found in the LG G5 and 3.0 Rapid Charging. The unlocked device will go for $699.

Correction: The original article listed HTC as a Chinese company. It is, in fact, Taiwanese.