Thirty Person Inflatable Lounge: One Toothpick and the Party's Over

Illustration for article titled Thirty Person Inflatable Lounge: One Toothpick and the Partys Over

Are you in need of a lot of extra seating for an upcoming shindig and a way to safely get 30 guests to shore after an emergency shipwreck? Look no further than the Beach7 AirLounge XL which provides comfortable seating for up to 30 people—possibly more if comfort isn't an issue—in a package that deflates and folds away for easy storage.


The AirLounge XL inflates in just ten minutes with its included pump, and even includes a center circular bench/table for holding food or providing a place for your guests to put their feet up. Just make sure they're not wearing particularly pointy stilettos which could mean an instant end to your party. At just over $7,000 you could probably get a mountain of folding chairs for the same price, but just try and use those as an emergency flotation device. You'll be sorely disappointed. [Pro-idee via The Red Ferret Journal]

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