​Opera Founder's Fancy New Web Browser Won't Even Need A Mouse

Illustration for article titled ​Opera Founders Fancy New Web Browser Wont Even Need A Mouse

Tired of using your mouse cursor to scroll and click through the web? No, probably not—but a new web browser may give you the option to unplug the sucker anyhow. It's called Vivaldi, and it springs from the mind of the co-founder and former CEO of Opera. In other words, a man who knows his browsers.


Spatial Navigation—the feature that has my attention—promises to let users comfortably browse the web using only a keyboard. That sounds ridiculous, but kind of awesome. Sadly, it's not available yet: the current software build focuses on reviving dead Opera features like Speed Dial bookmarks, tab stacking and a note-taking module. Still you have to appreciate the ambition of designing a browser that even considers ditching the good ol' computer rodent. Besides, this browser already feels pretty good: it's fast and has an attractive flat design that adapts to the colors of any site you visit.

Curious? You can check it out for Windows, Mac, or Linux right now. [Vivaldi via CNET]

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Eric the RC guy

This article seems to be lacking something, namely what this can do that I can't do with Chrome. I rarely use the touchpad on my laptop when I'm browsing the internet, a combination of arrow keys, page up/down, the tab button, and the enter key pretty much gets me where I need to go. I had to move and click the mouse exactly once to type this comment and that's just because Kinja is fucking stupid and doesn't let you tab to portions of the UI that you need to interact with the site (I can't get it to focus on the reply button by tabbing around). Were competent people designing the UI around here it would have taken me 0 mouse clicks