This Crab Multitool Is Way More Adorable Than a Leatherman

You’re probably not going to want to rely on this little crab-shaped multitool for survival—definitely pack a Gerber or a Leatherman instead. But for a day at the beach, or an afternoon picnic, it packs all the basic tools you should need to enjoy yourself.

Designed by Kikkerland, the various tools and implements hidden inside the crab’s beechwood body pop out like a pair of claws.


But instead of using them to defend itself, or hunt for food, the scissors, bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, can opener, rope saw, and knife blade can be used for less survival-focused tasks like opening a beer bottle, or shaving yourself a nice marshmallow-roasting stick.

The multitool also has a set of tiny feet so it can stand on its own, although it’s hard to count that as a genuinely useful feature. But with a price tag of $20, Kikkerland isn’t pretending this multitool is anything more than a novelty.

[Kikkerland via Firebox]

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Looks marginally useful, but its highest use is as a holiday gift. Give it about a 7+ on the gadget ranking, and about an 8 or 9 on the, “What a cool gift!” ranking.