​This Customizable Modular Keyboard is Anything You Want It To Be

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There are a lot of alternative keyboard options out there, but sometimes you need something really specific. Building your own is pretty tough. Students from Tokyo University are about to make it easier.


Tricky is a prototype modular keyboard system designed to create small, purpose-built input devices. Want a mini-keyboard for Photoshop shortcuts? Build it. It's a set of six programmable keys that can latch on to to other sextuplet boards of keys. Every key in every set can be removed or reprogrammed to toggle any key combination you want. The keys will remember the function you assign them, too—allowing you to move them around on a whim. The keycaps are even customizable. It's neat.

It's also pretty expensive: the project's Kickstarter page prices each island of six keys at $139 a pop, making larger configurations a very expensive proposition. Do you want a keyboard that's easy to build, or a keyboard that's cost effective? Decide. And maybe check out this Kickstarter link if you want the former. [Kickstarter]



Anybody else remember the Optimus keyboards with OLED displays built into each key?