This DIY Magnetic Power Adapter Will Keep Your Laptop Safe

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Ever trip over a power cord and launch your laptop across the room? Me either, but that's probably because of my laptop's MagSafe breakaway magnetic power adapter. If your laptop doesn't have one, check Lifehacker's guide for a DIY version.


You'll need an existing power cord and about $32 in materials:

  • Neodymium Ring-Shaped Magnets (enough to cover your adaptor plug with some overhang)
  • Wire Studs (to fit into the power socket)
  • Steel Washers (asst. sizes, make sure your magnets will STICK to them)
  • Thin Copper Foil (Note: aluminum duct tape has too much resistance)
  • Electrical Tape
  • Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive
  • Nail(s)
  • Calming Incense (to keep you sane while working with the fiddly bits)

The process of modifying your existing power cord actually seems rather easy, but please follow the instructions closely and don't poke any wall outlets with the nails. [Instructables via Hack a Day via Lifehacker]

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Wish I had this back in '03 when I got up to answer the door, tripped over the cord, and flung my Titanium Powerbook off the desk onto a concrete Boston floor.

Who was at the door? A campaign worker. For Lyndon LaRouche. Yup. I lost a Powerbook. To Lyndon LaRouche.