Here's the truth: you're embarrassed by how much you use Facebook. You color your phrases about Facebook like you're not on it that much. You pretend you didn't see updates on Facebook when you really saw them the second they were posted. You hate saying you heard about something when really you read it on Facebook. You say you only started your Facebook account because of college. It's okay.

We're all addicted to Facebook. When you have nothing to do on the Internet, a quick check to Facebook is in order. When you have nothing to do on your phone, a quick swipe to Facebook fills your time. When you don't know someone, a quick Facebook profile peek lets you know more than you'd ever know. It's a problem. But is it a problem if everyone is doing the same damn addictive thing?


AVByte created this Facebook - The Musical song that turns our addiction to the social network into a musical number complete with song and dance. It's pretty much the song that plays inside everyone's head when they're on Facebook (if they could sing and dance). [AVByte]