This Fine Looking Amplifier Promises Distortion-Free Audio

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Swedish high-end audio manufacturer Marten generally stick to speakers, but their latest work, the attractive M-Amp monoblock, is their first foray into the world of powered amplifiers. But are slick looks and distortion-free sound reproduction worth $45,000/pair to you?


According to Stereophile, this pair of amplifiers produces sound that one would expect from a more technically capable setup. And Ultimate AV Mag describes the M-Amp's internal workings as such:

The fully balanced M-Amp is based on Marten's proprietary Adaptive Modulation Servo (AMS) technology, which is described as an "inverting, globally self-oscillating, class-D stage" as well as a "load-independent, wide-bandwidth, first-order modulator, switching at 600kHz, with a constant loop gain of 30dB all the way up to the switching frequency."

That's great, but can it handle my Demi Lovato MP3 collection? [UltimateAVMag via BornRich]



As I told my last client (whom for which I installed a surround system and 5 stereo zones), "Does it sound good to you?"

They had their choice of several options, and after sampling each, chose the cheapest. They felt the more expensive (3 to 10+ times more money than what they chose) sounded better, but for what they listened to, inconsequentially so.

Two months later, they are tickled pink by both the quality they have (adequate for their listening needs) and the price they paid (very reasonable).

Could they have (and even afforded) better sound? Yes. Do they want better sound? No. Would they appreciate better sound at ten times the price? Hell no. Are they happy with what they have and have they been given the proper options? Quite so. Could I have made a lot more money by being horribly audiophiliac and almost forcibly sold them on more expensive equipment? Assuredly yes.

Bottom line is does it sound good to you and do you get to enjoy whatever you listen to.