This short film created by former Pixar animator Adam Wood is so good that Adam McKay and Will Ferrell will be producing a movie based on it. It tells the story of a clumsy janitor at a museum who accidentally finds himself inside the sophisticated, out-of-control armor of a famous supervillain.


They are aiming for 2016 for the release. Deadline writes:

The synopsis for the feature-length adaptation suggests there will still be a hapless young twerp in a super suit, but will also focus on a "fallen henchman" named Hank overseeing a "motley crew of blue-collar workers in the Union of Evil." The "risk-nothing" sentiments of Hank are challenged when he must become a hero and rescue the kid in the suit and the missing woman he loves.


The best part of all this is the aesthetic, which appears to combine 3D and 2D animation. Even the 3D rendering is different—and far from Pixar's usual polished surfaces—using shaders that make it look like if it were hand colored with markers or acrylics. Really pretty.

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