Wood-fired pizza is absolutely a slice above the 30-minutes-or-less variety that gets delivered to your door, and it’s pretty common for restaurants that employ the process to make the massive, rustic ovens the visual centerpiece of the room, so folks dining-in can see their pies emerge. Vienna-based creative collective Madame Mohr took a different aesthetic direction for a local pizzeria, turning the oversized kiln into a groovy disco ball—that freaking spins around!

The rest of the decor in Disco Volante—translated literally as “flying disc,” and also the name of Thunderball villain Emilio Largo’s hydrofoil yacht—is minimal and clean-lined, making the massive mirrored glass orb even more of an eye-catching attraction.

The structure is made from heat-resistant concrete, and once the dough is loaded in, the whole thing turns at about a revolution per minute (no word on whether the joint’s soundtrack is equally retro-nostalgic). Here’s hoping that whoever has to polish the 7,500 reflective tiles gets paid overtime. [Ignant]