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This Guy Went To Jail Because He Posted Naked Pictures Of His Ex-Girlfriend On Facebook

Illustration for article titled This Guy Went To Jail Because He Posted Naked Pictures Of His Ex-Girlfriend On Facebook

This guy, Joshua Ashby, is in prison right now. Why? Because in what the judge called an "irresponsible drunken rage", Joshy posted naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook after they broke up.


After Ashby, a 20-year-old New Zealand painter, and his girlfriend of five months broke up, he reacted like any psycho ex-boyfriend would: he cut up her dresses and told the lucky lady that "I'm going to kill you" and that she was a "dead bitch".

And for the digital age kicker, he logged onto his ex-girlfriend's Facebook, changed her profile picture to a naked picture he had of her...and made the account public to everyone. Facebook shut down the account in 12 hours but that's a goddamn eternity in internet time.


Ashby's parents describe him as "intense" and seem to agree with the 4-month prison sentence he received from the New Zealand court, hoping that it'll curb others from the "dark side" of Facebook. His mother said:

"And maybe when someone thinks about doing [something like that] they'll remember someone got sent to prison for that and they'll say: `Oh my God, I'm not going to do that.'

We agree. Now more than ever, try to handle naked pictures with care. Even naked pictures of ex's. Prison ain't a joke. []

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What a disgusting piece of shit, and all of you defending him and/or flapping your shit stained gums about how the woman deserved this should fucking kill yourselves. You are the very definition of scum.

Men are gross, gross, gross. Fucking yuck!