This Insanely High-Res Panorama Will Make You Feel Like a Super-Spy

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Ever visit Tokyo? No? No problem. Messing around in this ridiculous 180-gigapixel, 600,000-pixel wide panorama is practically the same thing, and you can do it right from this browser window.


Brought to you by 360cities, the same folks that whipped up a world-record-setting 320-gigapixel panorama of London, this Tokyo panorama is only the second largest image in the world. But with its amazing 10,000 picture span, you'd be hard-pressed to call it anything but incredible.

You want some more stats? Here's a cheat sheet:

  • This panorama would be 328 feet long and 164 feet tall if printed at full resolution.
  • It took 2 days to shoot, and 12 days of computation time to stitch together on a 12-core rig with 192GB of RAM.
  • It was shot with a Canon 7D camera and a Canon 400mm f5.6 L lens from the 10th story of the Tokyo Tower.

But enough with the stats, impressive though they may be; the real fun is diving in and zooming around like some sort of all-seeing surveillance god.


That's only a tease though. A super tease, because the embed code isn't behaving and it's ultra tiny. But you can see the full panorama in all it's high-res glory over at 360cities. Not bad for second best, eh? [360cities via PetaPixel]


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