It's hard to decide what makes this house being built in Arizona most like a comic book. Is it the manta ray shape? The location on top of Mummy Mountain (an actual place)? The ten-car garage for escape vehicles? How about all of the above?!

Indeed, this $30 million architectural marvel, slated to be finished in 2015, looks like it was designed for supervillains. The 16,000 square foot home boasts six bedroom and eight full baths—plenty of space to change into villain attire and rest up for rampages. Dual infinity pools make for high class relaxation, as do the multiple viewing decks that look out over Paradise Valley, a ritzy Phoenix suburb. The place is literally carved into a mountain top.


The home's unique design actually stems from a mix of local regulations and geographical constraints. "We were not to exceed the height of the top of the mountain in the centre of the home," architect Nick Tsontakis explained to Dezeen, "And we had to draw a 20 degree line from the [mountain's] pinnacle in all directions, which the house could not penetrate."

Construction hasn't started yet, so it's unclear if the secret jet hangar will be installed beneath the palace or right into the top of the mountain. Really, it's a matter of preference for whichever supervillain decides to move in. [Dezeen]

Images via Russ Lyon/Sotheby's