What happens when you take a giant balloon and inflate it inside a small space? These photos show just that—and the surreal dreamworlds that result, looking like a mix between the inside of a person's body and a ghostly construction site.

The inflated interiors are the work of Penique Productions, a team of artists who create ephemeral installations. Basically, they show up at a building, drag in a huge plastic tarp, and pump air into it until the entire cavity of the space is plastered over from the inside. Then, they set up some big old lights to illuminate the room, and voila—your strangest dreams (nightmares?) have been brought to life.

In a practice reminiscent of Christo and Jean-Claude's seminal site specific works, Penique's designers have set up these types of installations all over Europe for years. Each interior presents its own unique experience when dressed in plastic and bathed in colored light.


Penique's website has tons of great photos and videos of their installations being set up, like the one below. [Penique Productions]