An Annotated Guide to the New Ghostbusters Proton Pack

The release date for Ghostbusters 3 is still a year away, but director Paul Feig is getting very excited. After tweeting images of the uniforms that will be worn by the new Ghostbusters, Feig just provided a nice annotated guide to the new proton packs. It’s a little confusing!

There’s a cryogen reservoir and a plasma ignition chamber and a ministurized superconducting proton synchrotron and a faraday cage and all kinds of stuff. It’s probably confusing because proton packs are not real. Ghosts, on the other hand…

Feig also tweeted a couple marked up photos of the early props. They are slightly less confusing.


This Is What the New Ghostbusters Will Wear

Director Paul Feig is getting understandably excited about the release of Ghostbusters 3. Due to hit theaters July 22, 2016, the long-awaited follow up to the 80s classic will star Kristin Wiig and an all-star, all-female cast. And based on Feig’s recent tweets, this is what they’ll wear.

First, you’ve got those jumpsuits. You know, the ones that every one of us has tried and failed to replicated on Halloween? Quite refreshingly, it looks like the Ghostbusters 3 costume crew is sticking to the classic look and adding just a little bit of modern styling:

Here are the originals, for your reference:

Then, there’s the badass proton packs. It actually looks like the new proton packs are even simpler and more rugged-looking than the originals:


And again, here’s (a fan-made replica of) the OG proton pack:

Now, we just need to see what the car is going to look like! With any luck, Feig and company will do justice to the classic film, and watching the third part will be just as fun as watching the original movies for the first time, all over again.