Illustration for article titled This Isnt a Jellyfish, Its a 3D Camera Made From 100 Small Lenses

We all know about surround sound, but surround sight? I suppose this camera—with 100 small cameras dotted around its sphere—is the all-seeing example, able to see all 360-degrees in 3D.


According to its creators at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, the camera was modeled after a fly's eye—which you may remember from school is able to see in all possible directions. When connected to a computer, the images from all 100 cameras are combined for the ultimate 3D movie.

As for what it'll be used for, well, EPFL has many ideas but teleconferencing and film-making are two worthy candidates so far. [EPFL via GearLog]

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