Some Asshole Is Passing Off a Lost Screengrab as Flight MH17

Because the internet never fails to find the worst possible way to deal with any given event, the above image is currently being passed around on Twitter as this morning's downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. It is not. It is a screengrab from Lost.

People are horrible.


This isn't the Malaysia Airlines crash. It's Photoshopped from Lost.

We're still learning exactly what happened with Malaysia Airlines flight 17, but there's one thing we can be sure about: this photo is fake. As Twitter photo debunker @PicPedant reveals, it's a photoshopped screenshot from the TV series Lost.

Update: The account that's passing it off as real (with 3,626 retweets and counting) is @VyrecPenang on Twitter:


Below is the original screenshot without "Malaysia Airlines" photoshopped in.

If you're not already following @PicPedant, now is a great time to get with the program and click that follow button. He's great at parsing the real versus the fake in situations like these.


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