This One-Handed Bottle Opener Sure Is Handy

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Do you ever get frustrated when trying to open a beer bottle? You can do it on the side of a table, but that typically hurts your hand (a lot). You can open it with a lighter, but that's so college. You could use a regular bottle opener, but that's so boring.


Here's the other thing: All of those methods require two hands. The worst! Well, today is your lucky day, you opener of bottles. Today we introduce you to the GrOpener, a one-handed bottle opener that works with a squeeze of the fist. Just latch one end to the cap, thread your finger through the hole and, well, grope it. Job done.

The GrOpener is the brainchild of Denver-area photographer Mark Manger who's selling them online for $16 a pop. You can choose between six different colors and, due to high demand, will have to wait two to three weeks for delivery. [Laughing Squid]


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