There’s a very good reason why no one wants to see how sausage is made, and that's because the process is gross. Would it change things, however, if you could wield a meat machine like a ray gun, pumping out beefy snakes like an at-home superstar butcher? Maybe!

This handmade prototype was part of Iskander van Wagtendonk’s graduation project from the Design Academy Eindhoven last year—a tool that gives leftover hamburger a tasty second life and shifts focus from the often unknown origins of store-bought foods to stuff you can make yourself.


And it’s not the only clever culinary tool in his collection. Check out this Bamboochopper!

The cutting board opens up to reveal it’s also a carrying case for a cleaver and a mini-stove. Van Wagtendonk is hoping to produce it in a limited edition series next year, which is pretty cool: toss in a carrying case, a holster for your sausage gun, and you'll be the smoothest cable-laying picnic-master in town. [notcot]