This Schwinn Mount Shouts Turn-By-Turn Directions From Your Handlebars

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Looking at your phone to navigate is not conducive to operating a bike safely. So Schwinn is making CycleNav, a $60 app-operated handle mount tells you turn-by-turn directions.

Enter a destination into the app. Each time, you'll be given three routes—three safe routes that include bike lanes, parks, protected roads, and so forth. You can choose one, or edit it by dropping pins if you want to go your own way. When you're ready to start, you can stash your phone, and you'll hear each turn spoken to you, along with a visual cue in the form of a light arrow showing you where to ride. If you miss a direction, just hit the circle button in the center of the mount, and CycleNav will repeat it. It connects via Bluetooth, and just like your car's navigation system, if you miss a turn, it'll reroute you.

On top of that, since this guy is keeping your safety in mind, there's also a headlight on the front, so cars will see you. CycleNav tracks your stats, too, like distance, calories burned, elevation, and whatnot. Not getting hit by cars and staying fit? Equally important things.