This Self-Weighing Suitcase Gives a Running Total While You Pack

Self-weighing suitcases aren't a new idea, in fact, they've been available in stores for years now. But in order to actually weight the contents of your luggage, you need to zip the suitcase up and then lift the whole thing by the handle. To make things a whole lot easier, the TUL suitcase gives a running total of its weight as you throw things in, so there are no surprises.


As far as Kickstarter projects go, the TUL seems like one worth backing, especially if you fly a lot and are constantly battling overweight luggage fees at check-in. A pledge of just over $200 will get you a medium-sized TUL suitcase come December (a larger size will be available too) which isn't exactly cheap. But airlines' overage fees aren't either.

The TUL seems well-equipped with a weatherproof outer hard shell, ample zip-shut pockets lining the interior, and a TSA-approved combination lock for protecting what's inside once the bag leaves your custody. And to protect the LCD display on the outside of the case, it includes a soft-side velcro-secured protective cover that easily slips on and off. In fact the only thing standing between you and a worry-free checkin is the TUL's $95,000 Kickstarter goal, and any unplanned issues that might pop-up during production if its funding goal is met. [Kickstarter - TUL via The Awesomer]



Awesome idea, except for the added weight. And the cost. And batteries? And the fact that any existing scale can be used in lieu of this. But yeah, totally awesome.