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This Shirt Can Be Worn For 100 Days Without Washing, Which Sounds Incredibly Sketchy But Also Awesome

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Who even knows. The creators of Wool&Prince are claiming that you can wear their wool button-down shirts for days on end without them wrinkling, smelling or showing any dirt. Frankly, that sounds ridiculous, but maybe?

Testers recruited by Wool&Prince all unsurprisingly claim that no matter what they do, the shirts look fresh from the dry cleaner all the time. A video also shows Wool&Prince founder "Mac" wearing the shirt for 100 days and talking to what may or may not be random people on the street, who all respond favorably to the button-down. The material for the shirts is woven out of fine wool thread and there's a lot of "Wool Science" about temperature, wicking, thread dynamics and cotton comparison.


Wool&Prince is six days into a Kickstarter and is already collecting for stretch goals because it has exceeded the initial $30,000 target. The shirts are $98 each, which might be worth it if there's really no dry cleaning or washing needed for months at a time. But there's gotta be something unhygienic about wearing a shirt hundreds of times without washing . . . right? [Cool Material]