This Short Doc About a Magnetic Tape Fanatic Will Break Your Heart

No matter how outmoded the technology, you'll find someone who's devastated that it's gone. These people are in absolute denial about the old tech's inferiority to the advancements that supplanted it. This is Micke, the Swedish tape nut. He is precisely the luddite we're talking about.


The Magnetist a beautiful 15 minute look at Micke's life. The filmmakers, Filibuster, follow him around Stockholm doing everything on tape: He DJs on tapes, he listens to tapes while he's working as a chef in a restaurant, and when he's at home, he's constantly scheming and playing with tapes. TAPESTAPESTAPESTAPES. There's something enrapturing about his devotion to the media. And in fairness, the doc is loaded with some beautiful jams that he's discovered from his collection.


Something Wong

Oh man, my heart sunk a bit when I saw one of the sound guys put the magnet antenna in the box of tapes.

I wonder if CD's (arguably the last form of physical media for music) will ever reach this kind of devotion once everything goes digital.